Kiss Me - Henry Lee - Body

"Get down, get down, little Henry Lee
And stay all night with me
You won't find a girl in this damn world
That will compare with me
And the wind did howl and the wind did blow..."
-Nick Cave, and the Bad Seeds
Long sleeve black velvet body - as dark as night.
With removable white collar and hook n eye opening at crotch.

This item is made to order, so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

  • These body’s are stretchy, so the sizing is a little flexible. If you’re unsure choose the size that is closest to your waist measurement, or contact me to request a custom size as its easy to match a different size top to bottom, or to shorten or lengthen a style.




    X Small

    32’ to 34’ (81cm to 86cm)

    24’ to 26’ (61cm to 66cm)

    34' to 36' (86cm to 91cm)


    34' to 36' (86cm to 91cm)

    26’ to 28’ (66cm to 71cm)

    36' to 38' (91cm to 97cm)


    36' to 38' (91cm to 97cm)

    28’ to 30’ (71cm to 76cm)

    38’ to 40’ (97cm to 102cm)


    38’ to 40’ (97cm to 102cm)

    30’ to 32’ (76cm to 81cm)

    40' to 42' (102cm to 108cm)

    X Large

    40’ to 42’ (102cm to 108cm)

    32’ to 34’ (81cm to 86cm)

    42’ to 44’ (108cm to 112cm)



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