Aint Nothin - Greta Pants

SAMPLE SALE - 70% off!

This item is a sample, and has been used in photoshoots and shows, so there may be a small amount of wear.

The Greta Pants were made for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival New Gen show.

Subtitle: 'This is not consent'

Featuring a continuous zip fly, front to back, and hand dyed ruffle trim pockets.

Made from designer remnant fabric. Fabric that was purchased by a design house and not put into production. 


  • The Greta pants are made from a remnant fabric, So its a fabric that was purchased by a design house and not used, therefore it was sold on. A much better solution than it being destroyed and giving it a chance of new life.

    She was also hand made by me, no sweatshops involved.

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