Along side the ready to wear collections and the made to order pieces, I offer other services within the fashion design context. Like design consulting and bespoke costuming.

If your a designer yourself, or your looking to start your own label I can help! I primarily work in design consulting, sample making and pattern making. If any of those areas are things you might need help in, please drop me an email.

If your a performer, especially a burlesque performer, I'm available again to produce bespoke costuming. This is something that I've done for over 10 years now so I have plenty of experience in producing dream outfits, I've even written a short blog post about the ordering/dreaming process here.

For these services, it does help if you live in or around Perth, West Australia but there are ways to work around it if you don't.

Any questions, or to get the process started, please email me here.

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