Freelance Fashion Industry Consulting

Simone Squires Perth fashion industry consultantWhat exactly is that?

Primarily I help start-up fashion businesses negotiate the industry. Sometimes it can take a lot of work to bring that product, or collection that you have in your mind to reality and the fashion industry can be very secretive.

I specialise in working in stretch garments, loungewear, dance wear and activewear.

I can help with patternmaking, sampling, techs and specs, sourcing and general fashion business advice.

My first no 1 tip for you - the fashion business is expensive. I'm sorry. Fortunately though, I charge a flat rate across all my services and the first consult is free.

For these services, it does help if you live in or around Perth, West Australia but there are ways to work around it if you don't.

Any questions, or to get the process started, please email me here.

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