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Collaborate Now?

Collaborate How?

Well that kinda depends on who you are!

Goblin Fruit is a fashion design studio, so I use my skills as a fashion designer to do all sorts of things. I have my own label and several collections, but I also do the same work but for other people.

So if you need something made for you, say for a special event or a costume, or you just had an idea for a garment in your head and you desperately want to make it, we can work on that.

Or, if your a designer, or you want to start your own label but you need someone to help you, with design consultation or sample making or sourcing and manufacture, we can talk about that too.

Maybe your a stylist or a photographer and you have something epic in mind? I'm all ears.

Please, have a look around the site at the type of things I do, and if you like what you see, then just contact me here

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