So this is the apocalypse?

May 06, 2020

#stayhome #staysafe #goalittlemad

I thought there would be more zombies…

I know, I have an online business and I haven’t posted a thing online in 9 months? Maybe a year?

Yeah… I just checked, its been a year. Not a single online post in a year.


But first things first:


Australia post are currently not delivering to some countries - this site has the updated information, so you can check if I can post to you:

I’m still working from home, sewing things up and sending goodies out, like nothing has changed.

Unfortunately, its when your orders leave me that things don’t go as previously planned.

Postage is super slow, especially internationally. There just aren’t as many planes in the air to get things to you. The state I live in, here in West Australia, we have closed our borders. It actually surprises me when I hear a plane going overhead and I live pretty close to the airport.

Deliveries may be delayed (by a long time) – I’m sorry but there is literally nothing I can do.

International Deliveries – I’m still posting internationally, but its AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will pay for tracking at no extra cost, but it will be up to you to follow up. Personally, I’d prefer not to ship internationally but I know some of you are willing to take the risk, so I’ve given you that opportunity. I will not be refunding or replacing items that do not arrive. (and check the link above to find out if I can even post to your country)


ONTO THE FUN STUFF – So where the F have you been?

Yeah, its ok, I didn’t die. I was here the whole time.

I just needed a break.

Until now I never understood why some people didn’t want to be online – didn’t have social media accounts or any kind of online presence.

I understand that now, and to be honest I’m dragging myself kicking and screaming back online, I’m just not keen. Not at all.

I have been making stuff and selling stuff since MySpace was big. I taught myself Dreamweaver and created my own website. I jumped onboard every social media craze I found. From chatrooms to Instagram. I loved it, until I didn’t.

I hate the word ‘hustle’

Running a business online became really hard. The hard sell, the push, the forcing yourself into everyone's face as often as possible became everything, and I hate that.

The words ‘sales funnel’ make me want to stab myself in the eye, somewhere alongside the word ‘algorithm’

I found that there was just too many ways to communicate, too many ways to promote, I was constantly trying to create so much content and I wasn’t loving the content I was creating – just to satisfy the algorithm.

This time, BACK ON THE ONLINE, I’m going to ignore all that. I’m really really going to try to ignore all that.

So from here on in, things might get a little weird and random.

Weird and random but authentic! 😊

So what have I been doing?

Well I got a job. A part-time job, but a 'real' job as a pattern maker, making custom body splints for people with disabilities. It was fascinating, technical, and rewarding, and now its over… because COVID. It was great, because I’ve had that time away from my business to just have a break from it, do something different, meet some new people, and now I feel fresh and ready to get back to it.

I was also still working as a consultant designer, patternmaker and sample maker, and I still am. If your looking to start a fashion label, or you just want to get a few things made, hit me up, I’d love to help.

Some highlights of things that happened while I wasn't posting:

When the Lingerie Addict wore Goblin Fruit:

 The Lingerie addict wearing Goblin Fruit

When I got all dressed up to go to a ball and had a terrible night but damn I looked cute before I left:

 I this particular night I probably should have stayed home

When I made these two fine Showgirl costumes for two fine ladies:

 Glass beaded showgirls

Guess I wont be making a whole lot of costumes in the near future - but here are some details of these ones:

Some crazy club nights, because I miss going out with friends! – yes I made that lace up bodysuit:


More adventures with rabbit – Alice in Wonderland style:


And their were photo shoots! I particularly love this shot of the Vanessa Lace Body:

Hair @jakeegray @eros_hair
Photography @derec_ethan
Model @ashlee_crabbe

And my best apocalypse selfie while I wait for all those previous fun times to start happening again…


Also, I need to clear some stuff – as previously stated, I haven’t been online promoting this website and the items I have here to sell, so consequently not a whole lot has sold. Makes sense right?

Now I want this stuff outa here – I’m sick of looking at it and I need a clean slate – So its time for you to love it 😊 In your house!

So, massive clearance, 70% off everything that’s ready to ship! Its all marked down, just add to cart! Shop Sale

Including the luxe loungewear Persephone range, that’s perfect for feeling nice while you live in lockdown.


For all the random online-ness, I have started vlogging! Not vlogging about the business, vlogging about sewing, and the clothes I make for myself.

If you’re a sewing buff? Or just want to know what I’m up to everyday?

Laugh at me here

Thankyou for making it all to the end and stay safe everyone!! xxx

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