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So this is the apocalypse?

by Simone Squires May 06, 2020

I thought there would be more zombies…


I’m still working from home, sewing things up and sending goodies out, like nothing has changed.

Unfortunately, its when your orders leave me that things don’t go as previously planned.

Postage is super slow, especially internationally. There just aren’t as many planes in the air to get things to you. The state I live in, here in West Australia, we have closed our borders. It actually surprises me when I hear a plane going overhead and I live pretty close to the airport.

Deliveries may be delayed (by a long time) – I’m sorry but there is literally nothing I can do.

International Deliveries – I’m still posting internationally, but its AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will pay for tracking at no extra cost, but it will be up to you to follow up. Personally, I’d prefer not to ship internationally but I know some of you are willing to take the risk, so I’ve given you that opportunity. I will not be refunding or replacing items that do not arrive.

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Betty Grumble, Inclusivity and getting 'Perth-ed'
Betty Grumble, Inclusivity and getting 'Perth-ed'

by Simone Squires February 08, 2019 1 Comment

My sister and I have a term, that we call getting ‘Perth-ed’, we’ve both lived in Sydney for a long time, and let’s just say it’s a town thats way more functional in a crowd than Perth is. Getting Perth-ed is when you’re out and about, with friends, maybe at a bar or on the dance floor and suddenly a person or group of people come along and totally take over the space you were in, like you weren’t even there. Happens all the time. When self help peeps say ‘take up more space’ I think ‘Oh Hell No!’, you stand over there and keep your space to yourself. As first world humans I think we’ve taken up quite enough space thank you.

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by Simone Squires December 18, 2018

#worthofsewing The premise of the hash tag is to show an image of something you made (sewed) and ask people how long they think it took you to make it. To make people think about how long it actually takes.

I feel that it’s come about because when people find out that you can sew, they have a tendency to ask you to do things for them, because they think it’s quick and easy, that sewing you a new dress is something that could happen at the click of your fingers.

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